Original title: Neymar insulted China exposed! The Spanish media investigated the facts and obtained and released the video!


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The Ligue 1 derby in Paris and Marseille has been over for a long time, but the follow-up reaction caused by the historical level of red card conflict is far from over, and there is a trend of further expansion. The theme is racial discrimination. Neymar was initially set as a victim, because Paris players called him a "dirty monkey", and the latter insulted Messi by height in La Liga, so he was mostly condemned by fans. This incident also attracted the attention of the French Football Association and Ligue 1 officials, and began an investigation.

巴黎和马赛的Ligue 1德比战已经结束了很长时间,但是由红牌冲欧洲杯足球投注网突的历史水平引起的后续反应还远远没有结束,并且有进一步扩大的趋势。主题是种族歧视。内马尔最初是受害者,因为巴黎球员称他为“肮脏的猴子”,后者在西甲联赛中高高地侮辱了梅西,因此他大多受到球迷的谴责。此事件也引起了法国足球协会和Ligue 1官员的注意,并开始了调查。

However, the subsequent changes have moved in another direction. The personal settings of Neymar's victims were quickly broken, because he made more serious mistakes, suspected of insulting China, homophobia and racial discrimination. Among them, the thing that makes Chinese fans most angry is Neymar insulting China. This incident was first exposed by the Spanish media Corbe Radio on September 23. They claimed that Neymar used the popular South American term "chino de mierda" to attack the Japanese player Hiroki Sakai who has nothing to do with China.

但是,随后的变化已朝另一个方向发展。内马尔受害者的个人环境很快就被破坏了,因为他犯了更严重的错误,涉嫌侮辱中国,恐同和种族歧视。其中,令中国球迷最生气的是内马尔对中国的侮辱。该事件于9月23日在西班牙媒体Corbe广播中首次曝光。他们声称Neymar使用南美流行的术语“ chino de mierda”来攻击与中国无关的日本选手Hiroki Sakai。

Brazilians insulted China by cursing Japanese in Spanish. This kind of operation makes many Chinese fans who like Neymar or at least have no malicious intent to Neymar feel the collapse of faith and complete anger, but many supporters still hold the last glimmer of hope, thinking that there is no evidence for this matter, and there is a reversal. opportunity. However, Radio Corbe said that Marseille, the home-grown rival of Greater Paris, who celebrated Bayern's victory over Paris, has relevant video information.


You know, Ligue 1 and Paris Grande dominate the Chinese market. Paris is also considered a giant. There are two super giants with the highest value in the world. They have just entered the Champions League final last season. They are the capital of world football except Manchester City. May buy the club of Messi or Ronaldo, and they like to come to China more than any other giants. The French Cup has played in Shenzhen several times, and Neymar and Mbappé have both come. In such a big environment, if Neymar insults China, the Chinese market project in Ligue 1, especially Paris, will be devastated. Even if the government does not prohibit it, the people will spontaneously resist it. Since the insult to China broke out, Neymar's Chinese media Weibo has already started to be frantically posted. Therefore, some people believe that in order to unify the interests, Ligue 1 may require Marseille to delete the video.

您知道,Ligue 1和Paris Grande占据了中国市场。巴黎也被视为巨人。世界上有两个价值最高的超级巨人。他们刚刚进入上赛季的欧洲冠军联赛决赛。他们是除曼彻斯特城之外的世界足球之都。可能会买下梅西或罗纳尔多俱乐部,他们比其他任何巨头都更喜欢来中国。法国杯曾在深欧洲杯足球投注网圳举行过几次比赛,内马尔和姆巴佩都曾来过。在如此大的环境下,如果内马尔侮辱中国,那么在Ligue 1(尤其是巴黎)的中国市场项目将遭到破坏。即使政府不禁止它,人民也会自发抵抗。自从对中国的侮辱爆发以来,内马尔的中国媒体微博已经开始疯狂地发布。因此,有些人认为,为了统一利益,《合法1》可能会要求马赛删除该视频。

However, another Spanish media Sel Radio officially confirmed on September 30: Neymar insulted China. They exclusively obtained the live video of Neymar insulting China from Marseilles, and made him public for the whole world to browse. The content was more than a minute, with lip interpretation, Neymar's mouth was completely exposed in front of the camera, and he chanted more than one insulting vocabulary! In addition, Neymar also attacked the Ligue 1 league without lip language, and his voice was very clear.

然而,另一家西班牙媒体Sel Radio于9月30日正式确认:内马尔侮辱了中国。他们独家获得了马赛内马尔侮辱中国的现场视频,并将其公开供全世界浏览。内容超过一分钟,用嘴唇解释,内马尔的嘴完全暴露在镜头前,他高喊了不止一个侮辱性的词汇!此外,内马尔还用口语攻击了联赛1联赛,他的声音很清晰。

This person was radical in the first place, but now because of his personality, he has been pushed to the forefront, facing the outcome of being spontaneously boycotted by more than 1.4 billion people. Özil and Morey have done things that are not friendly to China. Neymar is one of the biggest names. If Paris, Paris, Ligue 1 and Brazil are not handled well, they will disappear in the mainstream Chinese media. Legend has it that Paris will ban Neymar for 20 games, in the name of insulting China and homophobia, but this is not true, so wait and see.

这个人本来是激进的,但是现在由于他的个性,他被推到了最前沿,面临着超过14亿人自发抵制的结果。厄齐尔和莫雷所做的事情对中国不友好。内马尔(Neymar)是知名人士之一。如果巴黎,巴黎,Ligue 1和巴西的处理不善,它们将在中国主流媒体中消失。传说巴黎会以侮辱中国和仇视同性恋的名义禁止内马尔参加20场比赛,但这不是事实,因此请拭目以待。

Therefore, Neymar actually insulted China, which is particularly angry and disappointing for the Chinese fans who admire him. There have been voices against Neymar on the Internet. He has gone from being the third super giant in football after Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to two football tumors on par with Ozil. The boycott of Neymar has just begun, and the future may be even more sensational, and Paris may become the second rocket.




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